Come and stay with us!

Tjärö offers lovely small cottages from the 1800s. We have 125 beds in 48 rooms in 9 different houses.

The houses on Tjärö are grouped around the central part of the island. Room sizes, number of beds and the standard varies between houses. Some of the rooms have shower and toilet in the hallway while other rooms have shower and toilet in the room.

We also offer two smaller cottages that are beautifully located close to the shore. The houses can accommodate 4 or 5 people.

Önskar ni hellre tälta går detta givetvis bra på ängen nere vid vår konferensbyggnad. Priset för detta är 75 kr p/p eller 200 för en familj.

One cottage, Anricks cottage, is in the middle of Tjärö, right before the island narrows in the middle. With stunning sea views in two directions you live close to everything, yet secluded. The cottage is two floors and has a double bed and three single beds upstairs. On the lower floor is a cozy family room. The cabin has no toilet/shower or kitchen, but like our other houses is close to our service building.

Our second cottage, the Henhouse, beautifully situated on a hill right next to the service building. The cottage is a single-storey house with two bunk beds. In this cabin, there is room for much cackle.

The service building is also located in the center with separate women’s and men’s changing rooms and a common sauna. Just next door is a self-catering.

On Tjärö there’s plenty to do and some of the activities can be found here.

Everyone is welcome to Tjärö!

Price from 555 SEK/night.




Single room

555 SEK

Double room

795 SEK

Double room with WC/shower

995 SEk

3-beds room

1015 SEK

3-bedsroom with WC/shower

1325 SEK

4-beds room

1345 SEK

4-beds room with WC/shower

1595 SEK

5-beds room

1475 SEK

5-beds room with WC/shower

1695 SEK

Anricks house

1750 SEK


1445 SEK

Hotelroom for 2 (inclusive linen and cleaning)

1595 SEK


95 SEK p/p or 250 SEK for a family



Linen with towels (per person)

185 SEK

End of stay cleaning (per room)

195 SEK

Breakfast (adult)

150 SEK

Breakfast (child 5-12 years)

80 SEK


175 SEK