Welcome to Tjärö!

In the center of the archipelagos of Blekinge you find one of the largest islands: Tjärö.

Here, the nature is fantastic, an idyllic place at its best. At Tjärö you can find everything from warm bare rocks to deep crevices mixed with beech forest, meadows and grassland. The entire island is a nature reserve with rich vegetation and birdlife.

The island is open for the public from April 30th to September 26th 2021. Events at other times occur, and conferences and group events can be booked beyond these dates.

Coming from road E22, take exit -55 towards Bräkne-Hoby and follow the signs to Tjärö and Järnavik. Use the directions feature for a detailed description.

Ferry ride

You get to Tjärö by our own ferry M/S Tjärö, starting from Järnavik. You can also get to Tjärö from Karlshamn and Matvik by public transportation.

Time table for M/S Tjärö (Järnavik-Tjärö)
Timetable for public transportation (Karlshamn-Tjärö, Matvik-Tjärö)

Visitors’ harbor

On Tjärö there are three guest piers to dock. All three bridges are located in the beautiful bay Maren. The main bridge has 70 marked spaces, and all are with electricity.

GPS Position: 56’10,18N 15`3,6E.
Coastal chart: 82 – South Coast & Öresund.
Seamap: 821.
Price: 250 SEK/day for boats under 10 meters and 290 SEK/day for boats over 10 meters.
Harbor depth: 1-5 meters.
Mooring: Anchor/Buoy.
Services: sauna, shower, electricity, fresh water, food, restaurant, café, toilet.

If you wish to anchor elsewhere along the island and use our facilities such as sauna, shower, toilet and garbage service area you pay our harbor fee of 50 SEK in the reception.