On Tjärö you can choose to do lots or nothing at all. Enjoy life with a coffee in your hand, go out for a run in our highlighted trails or take a swim to our lovely sauna raft. On Tjärö there is something for everyone to do!

Go canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle, sauna-bathing, play boule or go to the outdoor gym.

We have 8 aluminum canoes for rent. The canoes, life jackets and paddles can be found at reception. The canoes is suitable for up to two people. Price: 85 SEK/hour

Stand Up Paddelboard
We have three stand-up-paddle-boards. Price: 95SEK/hour or 300 SEK for 4h.

Our Neighbors in Järnavik, Paddelkompaniet, rent kayaks. Read more about it on Together with Paddelkompaniet we have created two seperate packages, Tjärö-Kajaking for 3 days and kayak safari with lunch. Learn more about our joint offering here.

Down by Maggan´s barn is a newly built boules court. Rent Boule balls at the reception for 50 SEK for two hours.

Outdoor gym

A new addition for year 2021 is our nice outdoor gym in natural materials. The gym is located in the middle of the nature between our small red cottages. Here you can train everything from bench press, squats, dips, sit-ups, chins and log lifting. Do not forget to warm up along a walking path before you start lifting.

We wish you a pleasant training session.

Nature and animals

The County Administrative Board, with the help of local farmers, make sure that there are livestock grazing and keeps meadows and open fields in order. We have a lovely herd of sheep on Tjärö, that walks around grazing and keep most of the tussocks in order during the summer. The cows tend to be found at the southern end of the island and the rabbits are spoiled by the chefs with crispy carrots and the finest salad. Please help us ensure that they are living a happy life. Apart from domestic animals, there is a rich bird life around the island for the ornithologists who venture out into the archipelago. You can also see everything from deer in the morning light, to snakes hiding in the stone fence.


If you would like to exercise on Tjärö, you can. We have two marked hiking trails on the island. The yellow trail stretches north for 3 km with hilly terrain and beautiful cliffs, and the blue trail meanders 1.5 km to the south with beautiful deciduous forests surrounding the trail. On the island, Stigmännen have placed about ten orientation stations and free maps are available for you on the ferry and in the reception. Do not forget to register your check-points! You can also choose to follow an animal trail and see what it leads to, or follow the water’s edge by jumping up on the rocks. Whatever you choose you will get a mix of pleasure and exercise!


Around Tjärö there are a lot of barbecue sites where you can sit and enjoy a warm summer evening. It is only on these marked barbecue places you are allowed to light a fire. You bring your own wood or charcoal.


The ancient pike in the reeds or the roach at the pier. When you get a bite, the size of the fish doesn’t matter. It is possible to be fishing on Tjärö. There are several piers of different depths to use, and numerous cliffs to choose from. You will need to bring your own fishing equipment and old Tjärö customs says that you need to share your catch. Good luck with the fishing!

Sauna raft

On Tjärö we have a wooden fired sauna raft, suited for 12 persons, located just outside Lerhallsbryggan. At the pier is a small skiff to get out to the sauna with. The price for renting the whole sauna is 950 SEK. The sauna is prepared with firewood and you are responsible for lighting it. Also, please make sure you leave it in the same condition as it was when you arrived.

Take a swim in the blue!

It goes without saying that you need to take at least one swim in the sea when being on Tjärö!

We don’t offer long sandy beaches, but the small bays with fine sandy ocean floors can be found in the north, in the south and everywhere in between. In the north, we have Ällingaviken that are surrounded by meadows and ancient oak trees. The bay is facing the archipelago and are protected from strong winds coming from the open sea.

Pellakrok on the west side of the island has large grassy areas to jump and run for the one that don’t want to take a swim. The views are amazing and for the daring one, we have the “death rock” at Korpaberget. Here you can climb up to a height of 12 meters and jump into the blue abyss. But everything is at your own risk…

For families, Nabben is a popular spot where you bathe from low cliffs with shallow depths. For those who wants to find your own personal favorite cliff, Tjärö has lots of lovely places to choose from.

Come and enjoy the sun, sand and salty sea!

Discover Tjärö with the book about Tjärö and the”hitta-ut” map

“Tjärö – en oas i Blekinge skärgård”. You find Author Leif Olssons new book about Tjärö and its history in our reception. The price is 300 SEK.

You can pick-up our “hittaut” map free of charge at the reception.  On the island there are about 10 checkpoints, an aluminium stick with number and code, which are located in exciting places at Tjärö. In 2021, you will have the opportunity to discover places with a theme of views on the island. On the map you also see bathing places, barbecue places and viewpoints – use the map to discover the whole island. You register your checkpoints at or in their app hittaut, where you also get navigation help. Each registered checkpoint gives a lottery ticket with a chance to win great prizes. Challenge your friends!