Tjärö is a nature reserve, what does that mean?
A nature reserve is an area that exists to preserve biological diversity, protect valuable natural environments and enable rich outdoor life.

Can I bring my dog and stay over?
Yes, dogs are welcome, let us know when you book so we can book you into a dog friendly room. Dogs must always be kept on a leash as Tjärö is a nature reserve.

Can I bring my dog to the restaurant?
Dogs are welcome to the glass porch and the wooden deck. When booking a table in the restaurant, it’s always good to inform us that you’ll bring your dog.

How do I get to and from Tjärö?
There is a ferry from Järnavik to Tjärö. The timetable is here on our website.
During the high season, there is also the possibility to go by ferry from Karlshamn or Ronneby. These trips are organized by Blekingetrafiken, here .

Where do I buy ferry tickets?
You buy ferry tickets at the reception in the harbor before departure at Tjärö.

How do you live at Tjärö?
You can stay in everything from double rooms in the hotel to 2-5-bed rooms in the hostel. Some rooms have wc/shower in the rooms, others in corridors outside the rooms. Some houses have no toilets or showers, then you are welcome to the Servicehuset toilets, showers and sauna. All rooms are unique and the houses are from the 19th century. A total of 125 beds.

Can I bring a tent and camp?
Yes, there is a tent site on Tjärö. It is located at Korpaberget, in the center of the island. See map here or pick up at reception. The tent fee is 95 SEK/person, 250 SEK/family.

How many boat berths are there on Tjärö?
80 berths distributed ower two piers.

What does it cost to stay at a natural harbor?
Voluntary fee of 50 SEK for water and garbage disposal on the island.

How deep is the marina?
Depending on low or high tide. About 1 m at the innermost point, about 2 m at the outermost part.

Is there a grocery store on the island?
There is no grocery store on Tjärö, but we have a shop with drinks, snacks, sweets, hygiene items and toys.

Are there any swimming spots on the island? Yes, there are several bathing spots around the island. A map can be obtained from the reception with all the excellent swimming spots otherwise there are many rocks to choose from.

Ällingaviken, surrounded by meadows and old oaks, facing the archipelago and protected from fresh winds from the open sea.
Pellakrok, large grassy areas and a beautiful view of the sea. At Korpaberget there are flat rocks and a jetty, also the so-called “Death Rock” at 12 meters.
Nabben, a popular place for families with children, where you swim from low cliffs.

Can you bring food and cook yourself?
Yes, the self-catering accommodation has a fridge, freezer, stove and kitchen accessories as well as grills.

How many people can fit in the self-catering accomodation?
There are 6 stoves, three large refridgerators and a smaller freezer and several sinks. You can accomodate about 15-20 people.

Can you light a fire or grill?
Yes, there are several barbecue places around the island. You are only allowed to light a fire in the marked barbecue areas. There are also barbecues outside the self-catering accommodation.

Is the island handicap accessible?
No, but it’s fine to use a wheelchair on the boat and it’s easy to be around the restaurant and the cafe/reception on the wooden deck. The rest is natural terrain and a dirt road up to the houses. The large toilet in the restaurant is disabled-friendly.

Can you bike  around the island?
No, it is difficult to cycle around the island as there are winding paths and difficult terrain. Walking or running is recommended.

Can I take the car to the island?
No, there are no car roads on Tjärö. Parking is available in Järnavik, where the ferry to Tjärö also departs. Parking is free of charge.

Are there walking paths on the island?
Yes, there are three marked walking loops on Tjärö. There are varying natural environments and lengths of the loops. The blue one is the most accessible.

What walking paths are there and how long are they?
– The blue loop along the north side is 1.5 km
– Pink loop along Kalven is 1.6 km
– Yellow loop along the south side is 3 km

Can you fish?
Yes, there are several jetties and rocks to fish from, bring your own fishing equipment.

Is there a sauna?
Yes, there is a sauna in the Servicehuset. Otherwise, our wood-burning sauna raft for 10-12 people is available for rent, which you row out to with a small boat from Lerhallsbryggan.

Are there toilets and showers?
Yes, it is in the Service House behind the self-catering house. Toilets are also available in the restaurant. There are also toilets and showers in the residential buildings.

Is there a washing machine or dishwasher?