Restaurant & Café

We truly love food which is evident in our restaurant. We serve delicious, nutritious and environmentally sustainable food to those who have higher demands on what you eat.

With a strong focus on sustainable cooking we care about the environment here on Tjärö.

Seafood belongs to the coast. With overlooks of the archipelago of Blekinge, we take advantage of what the sea has to offer. In general, we focus on clean and simple flavors – which really taste something. Whether you visit us for breakfast, lunch or a three course with extra everything, you are met by a gastronomic experience to remember.

On Tjärö you eat with both palate, eye and body! The fact that food is tasty is to us self-evidence. But food should also be a provider of energy and well-being. The intention is that the food we serve should keep you alert and energetic – all day long. The good conscience is free of charge.

Welcome to a kitchen that cares!

Tjärö Restaurant

In our restaurant along the water’s edge we serve breakfast, lunch and a la carte menu. Our breakfast is served from 8:00-10:00, lunch is served between 11:30-15:00 and in the evening from 18:00.

Opening hours Restaurant

  • Between April 26th and May 29th 2019, the restaurant is open during the day Mon-Sun, evening open Fri-Sat and it is possible to pre-book the evening Sun-Thu if there is a conference booking.
  • Between May 3oth and September 15th 2019 the restaurant is open all day.
  • Between September 16th and september 29th 2019 the restaurant is open during the lunch saturday and sunday and evening friday and saturday and it is possible to pre-book other times if there is a conference booking.
  • Only prepbook  for larger groups earlier in april and in october.

To ensure a table in the restaurant, please reserve a table in the evening by calling us at 0454-60063 or send an email. You can not make a reservation during lunch.

Lunch on Tjärö
Monday-Friday the price for lunch is 130 SEK for adults and 70 SEK for children (4-12 years).
Lördag-Söndag the price for lunch is 150 SEK for adults and 70 SEK for children (4-12 years).
Our lunch will be served with a great saladsbuffet, bread & butter, coffee/tea.

In the evening our restaurant is open from 18:00.

Warm welcome to wonderful Tjärö!

Tjärö Café

In our café you can buy a selection of sandwiches, sallad, Tjärö’s shrimp sandwich, Tjärö waffle, soft ice cream, cakes, coffee & tea, soft drinks, beer, wine and pharmacy products. The selection and opening hours will vary depending on the season.

  • From 26 of april – 29 of may 2019 our café is open saturdays and sundays. är vårt café öppet lördag och söndag.
  • From 30 of may – 1 of  september 2019 it is open every day.
  • From 2 of september – 30 of september 2019 our café is open friday to sunday.
Warm welcome to our Café by the sea!

The Small Tjärö Ferry

For group bookings, you are welcome to contact us at or 0454-60063

Time table M/S Tjärö (Järnavik-Tjärö)